Products full of life

We at HaciendasBio seek a natural balance involving the best green technology. Through years of work and our acquired experience, we farm top quality fruits and vegetables, acting with the highest responsibility and respect for each component that makes up our environment.

Products full of life

We are certain that there is only one way to reach our goal of Organic Excellence – environmentalism, the value of the Person, a continued technological investment, our commitment to the Earth, an obsession to seek quality Premium, and the excellence in the Customer Service through our Sales Office.

Passionate people

We make every effort to enable families to enjoy a healthy diet through a business model based on principles and values, profitable for all stakeholders in the chain: from the ecosystem itself through employees and suppliers to the final distributors.

Passionate People

We are committed to environmental and social balance, improving the fertility of the land, taking responsibility for natural resources and the sustainability of the planet. We firmly believe that organic and seasonal products make a difference in consumer health.

Ask for what you need

Choose the presentation and labelling that best suits your needs. Ask for what you need, when you want it, and where.

We will send it in 1 or 2 days, with a flavour you had forgotten existed and an extended shelf life.

Ask for what you need

We always strive to provide the best service, adapting to the needs of our clients and providing customised treatment from the first contact to after-sale service.

Fruit and vegetables just like they ought to be

Find authentic flavour in our products:

* Grown without fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

* Produced according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

* Certified under the most demanding seals and regulations.

Fruit and vegetables just like they ought to be

We produce foodstuff full of life by using biodynamic agricultural methods: the soils in which they grow are balanced and the plants grow organically under the open sky, transmitting all the energy to the final harvest. The crops receive the essence of the land and of nature, helped along by the work and enthusiasm we put into each task.

You are a professional

HaciendasBio only sells to professionals like you and we are ready to help you. Get in touch and discover a new kind of relationship with your trusted supplier.

Are you a professional?

HaciendasBio is a company focused on customer service with comprehensive knowledge of the value chain and a constant concern and commitment to quality in both the product and the processes.

Nuestras Noticias

HaciendasBio prevé una producción de 7.800 toneladas en su actual campaña de fruta de hueso

Gracias a la puesta en marcha de la finca sevillana La Falamosa, HaciendasBio ha podido avanzarse al calendario respecto a otras comunidades autónomas como Extremadura o Cataluña, donde HaciendasBio empezó a principios de Mayo. Leer más...

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"Packaging respetuoso como motor de cambio". Artículo de Silvia Llamas, Marketing Manager de HaciendasBio y Biovivo

Con Biovivo, la marca de HaciendasBio para el mercado nacional, conseguimos un hito muy importante en 2017: presentamos un packaging completamente innovador, pionero en el mercado, ecológico y 0% plástico.

En palabras de Silvia Llamas, Marketing Manager de HaciendasBio: "es primordial que las empresas agroecológicas, organizaciones, entidades y consumidores tengamos el mismo compromiso hacia la sostenibilidad del planeta. Es completamente necesario ir de la mano y aunar esfuerzos para preservar el medio ambiente". Leer más...

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