Ask for what you need

We always strive to provide the best service, adapting to the needs of our clients and providing customised treatment from the beginning to the after-sale service. We strive to ensure that the products that comprise our offer are always available and are prepared to extend it as demand grows. We work to maintain the quality that distinguishes us, the price and to achieve more streamlined logistics to prevent stock shortages.

Your trusted supplier

  • Extensive experience of ecologic and biodynamic production: tastier, better quality products with a longer useful life.
  • Products with all their flavour and full of life grow from the health of our fields. 
  • Short cycle: directly from the producer.
  • Fast cycle: from farm to shelf in a few days.
  • Available throughout the season – continuous harvest of all products throughout the season without interruptions.
  • Extensive production window due to naturally extended growing seasons with early and late varieties. 
  • Wide assortment - 30 fruit and vegetable families from a single supplier.
  • Harvest at optimum ripening point. The fruit matures on the tree and the plant, with three picking passes to ensure harvesting at the best moment. 

Why choose HaciendasBio?

We are customer-oriented
Our clients back us
Zero waste
Extensive knowledge of the ecological sector
Long experience
100% eco-friendly from the start