Passionate people

People come first at HaciendasBio. We already have more than 1,000 people collaborating and forming part of our team. People's actions are an essential part of our day-to-day relationship with nature.

Our mission, vision and values are part of our DNA.


To help families to enjoy a healthy diet through a business model based on principles and values, profitable for all stakeholders in the chain.


Cultivar To cultivate ecological, healthy and tasty food in a respectful and sustainable manner.


ORGANIC EXCELLENCE. Biodynamic agriculture, human team, technological investment, commitment to the Earth, premium quality and excellence in service.

Common benefit

The sum of all actions that companies perform to ensure that their activities have positive repercussions on society and affirm the principles and values that govern both their own internal processes and their relationship with others stakeholders.

1. Protection of, and care for, the environment

  • Food production under the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture
  • Respect for the environment, prevention of any kind of pollution, minimising the generation of waste and rationalising the use of natural and energy resources.
  • Development of biodiversity on our farms. Protection of the natural balance of ecosystems - care of each farm as a unique habitat with its own needs.
  • Sustainable production that makes rational use of natural resources and does not compromise them for future generations.
  • Combating climate change.
  • Environmental and social risk assessment.

2. Commitment to a healthy life in connection with the natural environment

  • Production of organically grown foodstuffs "full of life”
  • We provide a response to a society of aware, committed consumers who give their food the importance it deserves and favour a ‘no tricks’ product that preserves all its nutrients and organoleptic properties.
  • Products with certifications that guarantee the authenticity of their ecological origin.
  • Organic food the traceability and authenticity of which is guaranteed (our customers are the most demanding)

Work with Us

HaciendasBio is a leading company in the European organic fruit and vegetable market, supported by a first class team. Our mission is to provide families with healthy, high quality food, produced by cultivation means and techniques that ensure its sustainability and balance with the environment. We are seeking professional people committed to our principles and invite you to join our team through the job board. To do so, you only have to fill out the attached form and send us your CV. You are welcome!