Organic farming is currently undergoing significant development for many different reasons. Firstly, there is a growing awareness that we cannot continue to degrade the agricultural environment and must recover it from the detrimental effects of conventional farming methods on the environment. There is also significant concern for food safety that obliges us to market healthy products with intact nutritional properties and more and more demanding organoleptic properties. Biodynamic agriculture uses natural resources in a responsible manner without the use of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides or transgenic products..

The term biodynamic means that farmers work in accordance with the energies that create and maintain life. The word biodynamic comes from two Greek words: bios (life) and dynamis (force). The use of the word "method" entails not only making fertilizers in a new (circumstantially organic) way but above all respecting certain principles to ensure the health of the soil and plants and to provide healthy nutrition for animals and people.

This type of ecological agriculture, in addition to respecting the environment and biodiversity, includes a spiritual dimension in the relationship between man and the earth and proposes working in harmony with cosmic forces. This means that the farm, orchard or garden is a living, self-sufficient organism made up of all the animals and plants that inhabit it.

Each element connects and interrelates with others through the cosmos, receiving the influence of natural forces such as the moon, the sun, the planets and the diurnal and seasonal cycles..


  • We create biological "highways" to unite the ecosystems that farms can divide.
  • Own Beehivesto ensure proper pollination of trees and plants.
  • We create "islands" in crops composed of other species and trees within the same to ensure the nutrient cycle of the soil and the proper humidity level (the roots maintain the water that runs to lower strata in unpopulated fields).
  • Ourfarms are located in areas well away from the fertilizers and herbicides that degrade the environment and impair the quality of the products
  • We foster the maximum level of biodiversity through the coexistence of wild fauna, hens, geese, worms, bees, etc. on our farm
  • Use of preparations. Activated microbiology.
  • This method entails observation of sowing dates, working dates, harvest dates and of the orientation of plant and animal growth through interrelations with one another..


  • Expansion of soil fertility.
  • Healthier, stronger plants that can produce without external aid..
  • Tastier produce.
  • Stable, diverse and balanced overall ecosystem.
  • Recovery of biodiversity.
  • Leadership of the people.


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