Our social and environmental commitment

We have a duty to contribute to the present and future social wealth, , in the environment and in each of the farms, for this we set three clear objectives:


  • Preserve the environment for future generations
  • Improve soil fertility to improve plant vitality
  • Return all natural properties and nutrients to food

However, it is just as important  our environmental commitment as our social compliments.

We are a group of people dedicated to the care of the earth, following the principles of Biodynamic Agriculture, with a common thought, joining the effort, enthusiasm and daily work to get fruits full of life.

At HaciendasBio, we put people first, cureently we are more than 1.000 people working in a daily relationship with nature. For us, people's actions are essential.

Social commitment

  • Career: 50% of management positions and middle management come from internal promotion
  • Diversity: 21% of the workers hired by HaciendasBio in the last 6 years have a different nationality than the Spanish
  • Integrity: As a business value applied to employees, we work to build relationships between employees and customers, we encourage teamwork and the commitment of our employees.
  • Equal opportunity: Currently 47% women and 53% men
  • Opportunity: More than 7,200 workers in the last 6 years
  • Respect:  training and pedagogical activities at all levels of the organization
  • Solidarity: Incorporation of groups at risk of social exclusion, through different organizations
  • Transparency: One of our main premises is to generate and preserve the trust of our customers. We make the records public, communicate the different certifications and quality seals obtained 

Some of the initiatives carried out to respond to this commitment are:

  • Training on biodiversity and land management for farm workers
  • Participation in forums and congresses on the organic farming sector in Spain
  • External training in schools, libraries ... in order to disseminate information and raise awareness on environmental issues
  • Agreements with Caritas Diocesan (Badajoz)and other organizations  to incorporate personnel at risk of social exclusión
  • Diversity
  • Fruit and vegetable donations for race, schools..

Environmental commitment

From our origins we are committed to a model of agriculture that respects the Earth and its resources, based on traditional agricultural systems and developing a less invasive and more sustainable way of farming.

 We carry out a series of environmental projects :


  • Biodiversidad: mejoramos y aumentamos la biodiversidad en nuestras fincas.
  • Disfrute: Habilitamos workplace en las fincas para el descanso y contacto con la naturaleza de nuestros trabajadores, habilitamos también los espacios de hábitat de nuestros habitantes los animales e insectos
  • Energía Limpia: no contaminamos, producimos energía limpia capturamos de CO2 por la incorporación de todos los restos vegetales de los cultivos, nos tomamos muy en serio el objeto de nuestra actividad
  • Fertilidad: uno de nuestros principales objetivos es el aumento de esta para devolver a la tierra y a los alimentos todas sus propiedades y nutrientes
  • Residuos: reutilizamos y reciclamos, evitamos el uso de materiales nocivos como el plástico.

Some of the initiatives carried out to respond to this commitment are: 


  • We are adhered to the World Wildlife Fund -WWF
  • We are adhered to the decalogue of Sustainability of the Food Industry
  • We are adhered to AECOC to the food waste program
  • Sustainability certification and contribution to the environment
  • Project to reforest forests