Know us

HaciendasBio was founded in 2001 as a result of the drive and commitment of Jose Ramón Rituerto and Paco Casallo, farmers by family tradition, in their quest to produce healthy and wholesome food produced in a manner that would be sustainable for future generations..

This idea led us to develop a sustainable agriculture project in Extremadura, a place with favourable conditions for growing fruit and vegetables thanks to its long sunshine hours, warm summers and cold winters and sufficient water resources. The first farm was planted in 2004 and entered production three years later, after which the marketing and distribution phase began. We opted for internationalisation from the very beginning and the operation underwent rapid growth over the next few years. 

Following the demands and requirements of the consumer, we continued to boost production by means of development and implementation of farms and handling plants throughout Spain with the idea of progressing towards product diversification and opting for investment in quality, technological development and in R&D+i. Today HaciendasBio has more than 2,400 acres in production on the more than thirty farms strategically selected to optimise the production.

Our main vision: To enable families to enjoy a healthy diet through a business model based on principles and values, profitable for all stakeholders in the chain: from the ecosystem itself through employees and suppliers to the final distributors. Our Mission: to cultivate ecological, healthy and tasty food in a respectful and sustainable manner. We are a group of people devoted to taking care of the Earth by applying the principles of Biodynamic Agriculture with a common aim: to unite our efforts, drive and day-to-day work to make products full of life available to other people.

Today HaciendasBio is a leading company in the European organic fruit and vegetable market with prestigious shareholders and supported by a first class team of young but highly qualified and experienced professionals. Our mission is to provide families with healthy, high quality food, produced by cultivation means and techniques that ensure its sustainability and balance with the environment. The driving forces of this mission are continuous investment in technological innovation, recruitment and training of talent, excellence in customer service and brand awareness and value.